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PLOT: Two brothers, one in london and the other in india. the elder brother from london breaks up with his girlfriend on a trivial issue. and tells his Brother to find a wife for him(WT#).Co-incidentally, the girl that the young brother chooses for his big-london-guy bro is very much interested in him than his big bro.For the rest of the story watch the movie(i dare you)
This column shouldn't be here but still i'll google search some pro's
>ALI ZAFAR's coolness, acting and casual acting is a saving point,
>The second half has some saving graces and funny scenes.
>one or to songs are listenable.

>Katrina Kaif sucks at acting. She Overacts,overreacts and over accents short A BIGGG thumbs down
>Imran khan looks as if he's not at all interested in acting.He's so bored in the entire movie that you feel sleepy looking at him
>The dialogues are a SHAM!! shame on the new bollywood writers for such crappy dialogues.
>The film defies all laws and sensiblities of Physics, Geography, Romance, Film-making, logic even the Indian government for that matter.
>tired of writng this crappy film's review.
Go only if you want some private time with your girlfriend and are not interested in the movie et-all...Or its just that you got a lot of pocket money unspent and now want to spend it.or better, show this movie to a person you want to revenge !!!

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