What is the problem with the world?

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The world that we today live in is a very complex interactive structure, and yet its so easy to move it around that we do not feel the need to understand or discover it. For e.g while we commute on a train to a particular destination, we are so indulged in the beauty of the scenes passing by, that we never look into the fact the railway engine on an average consumes about 9 liters of diesel per second, and while a bottle of mineral water soothes our thirsty throat, we ignore the fact that 60 gallons of water were wasted while manufacturing it!!!

Why have we, humans, supposedly the most intelligent being on the planet, left the need of caring and concern,  lie in dark corner of history? Its simple.....we have become ignorant because of convenience. Not to say that using technology for bettering our lives is bad, but honestly, too much comfort makes us insensitive. We stop caring about anything the moment we stop having any trouble with reference to the same. and here is where we come equal to the animals that surround us. We, somewhere deep in our hearts and nature, are just a species of animals, covered in clothing, both literal and subliminal, as we are, we are still animals who just learnt to walk on two feet and use his brain for actual  thinking rather than just control reflexes.
But,we are stuck in between our animal instincts and the sophisticated outer covering that we live in....at the end of the day, the problem is not whether we choose to walk or commute...the question is, what side of the line do we choose to stay....?